‘We had a baby!’

These words never hurt as much as they did this morning when I came across a post on Facebook. Yes, I was excited for her. She just had a baby but there was an issue buried deep down in my heart I didn’t know existed till I saw the post… I clicked on the picture and saw the gorgeous baby…

Why did it hurt so much? Maybe I realized there was something in my life that was missing… or maybe something I haven’t achieved yet. Not that I wanted a baby, No… it just made me think of the many dreams and visions I had lined up months ago for the years ahead… Yes, I am an ‘active’ dreamer… Not just a dreamer, but I challenge myself to fulfil everything I see in my head. But life over the past few months has taught me and many others that sometimes we make plans then without warning, ‘fate’ throws a spanner of some sort in the works. So everything or maybe most things I wanted to achieve… you know, ‘the vision board’… just seemed like cardboard filled with wishes… yes… wishes… That hurt.

Seeing the baby triggered loads of thoughts… and for a bit, I must admit I was down… didn’t want to get out of bed.. and it got me thinking how many people might feel this same way with all that’s happening in the world due to the lockdown. Almost every day there’s a new company laying off staff… Companies that for so long seemed like the yardstick for the perfect business. Well, now we know there is no such thing as perfect right? Just ‘good’ for the moment. It’s all about being quick to adapt… Get hit, knocked down, and maybe dazed for a couple… But we need to get back up and try again, keep trying and adapting to changes as they come. Yes, we fall seven times but we get up every time…

Something that helped was picking up my laptop and writing about the ‘pain’… Also, remembering the dreams I got to see in real life… The many times I smiled at myself thinking… ‘This is real, it came true’. So people, let’s get our vision boards back up… We’ve got a lot of work to do!

But first, some chicken wings lol…

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