Panic Attack

This pandemic needs to end real soon. It’s almost a year… So many things have happened. Many lives lost, not forgetting the job losses, the psychological effect of this new ‘normal’. It’s hard to plan for the next day… Why? Seems each morning we wake up there’s some announcement about some change. The government are as ‘lost’ as the people, but that’s not something to dwell on. We must remember none of us has ever lived or experienced this magnitude of a global catastrophe. Yes, we are all in this together, making it each day and learning how to deal with it one step at a time. So let’s not be too critical… Let’s be kind to one another… It goes a long way believe me.

On the flip side, this could be a good answer to that ‘annoying’ question at an interview *rolls eyes*. “Tell me about your ‘greatest’ achievement”- I survived a pandemic.  

Watching the news, it’s no mystery the economy is suffering, people are anxious. Personally, each day I hope it’ll all end as quickly as it started. Can I get an ‘amen’?

Christmas is around the corner, though we have no idea what it’s going to be like. Normally at this time, we have the Christmas carols by the train stations, the buzz of Michael Buble and Mariah Carey… hahaha… The ‘Top Ten’ Christmas songs/hits of the year… O M G! I love going into my local M&S (Superdrug is a winner all year round in terms of ‘feel-good shopping’ music, in my opinion, *side eye*)… They always seem to have the best songs during the festive season. I shamelessly sing along… hahaha. Then the excitement of John Lewis ad and ‘others’ lol… But now it’s more – ‘would we be let out of our homes to meet our families for Christmas?’. Sigh…

On a lighter note, I decided to get myself an ‘early’ Christmas present (not sure anyone would be in a frame of mind to give gifts or afford it). There I was online looking at things I felt I needed plus a bit more (No harm in looking lol). You know, splash the cash a bit, after all, it’s Christmas, right? Well, the strangest thing happened. All items in the basket, ready to ‘check out’… I get a panic attack. It was crazy I tell you. How did I get here? Guess subconsciously I didn’t want to ‘waste’ money with all that’s going on. At that moment, I felt buying anything ‘extra’ was somehow a very wrong move. This is coming from someone who’d buy a pink fancy wine opener for $5 just because it’ll look nice by the microwave- even though she doesn’t drink. Yes, remember how we spent so much on ridiculous things and didn’t think twice about it? That was pre-pandemic when we all had stable incomes. Now… we live hoping… thankful that we have the basics. Life! How quickly it changes…

I got some of the items eventually, after reducing drastically… I don’t want to live in fear but at the same time, one has to be prudent right? I believe the many struggles and pain of 2020 would be a distant memory very soon… Do you?

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