Christmas Wish…

Lockdown 2.0 revealed quite a few interesting sides to me, I actually burst out laughing. 1.0 was more about fear and the uncertainty of how we would live life in ‘isolation’. This time around, it’s pretty much ‘sit at home till we tell you it’s ok to go out!’. Well, it ends today so a bunch of ‘us’ are eager to head out to get some fresh air lol… but before then, let me tell you a ‘strange’ story about my recent experience hahaha…

It’s funny how from January to November some of us are realists… you know, deal with facts only *side eye* But come December, all logic is thrown out of the window lol. Suddenly we believe in Santa Claus, wishes, fairies, and all things magical haha. Well, I for one fall into this category. Blame it on all the Christmas movies showing at the moment (storyline usually about finding love, rekindling love, moving on to new love… all happening just before Christmas… you get the drift lol)

Yep, it’s December, and I find myself making ‘wishes’ and hoping they would come true. How strange right? Something about the season or maybe it’s all the Christmas ads that hypnotize you into thinking anything is possible this time of year. In the spirit of it, I might as well tell you about my two Christmas wishes I hope would somehow come ‘true’ as it does in the movies lol. Even as I type I have no idea how it’s going to happen but I believe it would someday *wink wink*. “Hey, Santa! How you doing?” (My best Wendy Williams voice haha)

Photo courtesy BBC.CO.UK

My first wish would be to star in an episode of ‘Death in Paradise’. O M G! If I could be part of that show… One of the customers pricing mangoes in a market scene, or cocktails at Catherine’s Bar, or even a guest detective lol. I’ll get to travel to Guadeloupe or some exotic Caribbean island and film on the fictional island of ‘St Marie’…. Ahhh… I started watching a few years back and got stuck with solving mysteries with my favourite island detectives. So many times I’ve imagined myself there… #fingerscrossed

My second ‘wish’ (honestly, as I type I keep checking if my niece has taken over my laptop. Controlling everything I type lol…) would be to meet Tyler Perry… and maybe he ‘throws in’ a work placement haha. Why? You might ask… I admire his creativity… His push to break boundaries/ceilings/whatever limitations. ‘A Fall from Grace’ won me over. I was impressed (apart from the dodgy wigs/hairpieces lol). P.S. My opinion, don’t know about y’all…

So there you have it- my Christmas wishes lol. Here’s to wonderful meals surrounded by love…

Photo by Nicola

Apart from making ‘wishful’ wishes lol… spend time with loved ones. Just be ‘kids’ for a few days while the world and issues go past. Enjoy it, it’s a time to be thankful for life especially with how the year has shown so many different colours.

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