Out and About…

 I realized I forgot to mention one more Christmas wish in my last post, maybe the most important if I might add lol. Promise not to fall off your seat laughing (or roll out of bed with a “thump” haha)*covers face*… I wish for Justin Timberlake to sing at my engagement party and John Legend at my wedding reception *straight face* ….Hahaha…. It’s Christmas (almost) so we might as well go all out, right? Lol

Speaking of weddings and engagements, I left the house eventually after Lockdown 2.0 (yes, yes… after so much noise last week about how excited ‘we’ were to get out). I think I overdid it lol. Yep, I went everywhere and anywhere… Just that sweet taste of ‘freedom’. I’m sure you get my drift. The only ‘downside’ to the day was the cold, no… the harsh cold weather lol. I am still not used to it. Come winter and it feels like a whole new experience… like… ‘can the planet get this cold?’ How is it even possible? I spent a lot of years in tropical regions so you can understand why my mind just can’t accept the reality of 6-degree weather. Smh… But the silver lining is, in a few months it’ll be ‘summer’ and all memory of triple layers, scarfs and gloves would be gone… (depends on which side of the earth you are… down here we get sunshine minus the heat hahaha)

So, there I was ‘cat’ walking down the streets you know, feeling myself with my new hairdo (my hair or whole head needed some TLC after weeks of central heating with no conditioning lol- looked like a hornet’s nest if you ask me lol) and then this random guy smiles at me!! (not in a creepy way) O M G! It felt strange… but in a good way. Having spent so long indoors you feel almost invisible, let alone attractive… lol. No one is going to see you anyway so why bother. Apart from the zoom meetings where you can always wear a ‘mask’ with the fabulous profile picture or just not share your screen unless ‘Anabel’ insists as a way of ‘connecting’ with each other *side eye*…

Anyways, back to my story… Yes, so he smiled at me and for a few seconds I blushed… then it happened again at the local market…. The guy behind the meat counter kept ‘flirting’?? I didn’t know how to react hahaha… I found myself laughing to the till… or maybe that was his plan… to get me so ‘amused’ I pay whatever they charge without checking or bargaining lol

I guess this just goes to show we are social creatures and not hermits…. Yes, once in a while I like to take a break from the ‘humans’ around me… but not so often… Life is all about balance right?

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