…And another one

Yep… “Sit at home and do not mingle” directive just before Christmas… I don’t know how or what to feel about it anymore… How am I supposed to meet Prince Charming? I’m a traditional kinda girl and would prefer to meet him in person rather than over the internet (in this case zoom, teams, anything your organisation throws at you to link up with colleagues *side eye*). Hence why I was never keen on dating websites as such. I’m not knocking it down, no… It’s just not for me. There are tons of stories out there of people meeting soulmates etc online… If it rocks your boat then, by all means, dive in haha…

Yes, back to this fiasco called ‘lockdown’. It seems my support bubble at the moment are the guys down at my local Lidl lol. I mean, they get to see me much more than my family… Only thing is, I can’t invite them all over lol. Sometimes I do wonder how it’s going to be once this virus is over and done with. You know, when life gets back to ‘normal’ again (I hope we remember what normal is). We might need some kind of orientation into socialising physically, finding our way to the train station, and maybe how to use a ticket machine. Also language therapy of some sort cos we’ve become used to talking into the mic and facing the camera haha… That’s if and when you get ‘forced’ to turn on your camera *rolls eyes*…

Oh well, at least one thing is for sure… I won’t forget how my favourite McDonald’s meal tastes like hehe... #bringbackcrunchymcflurry

Cheers to all the folks keeping it together in these trying times… Believe me, it ain’t easy… I know

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