Zara $ale…

No guys, there’s no link to Zara… lol. Neither is this a paid AD *straight face*. It’s just that time of year again when some of us go bonkers once we see… hear or taste those bold letters on our favourite shop window (or with the year we’ve had, I’d say black letters online or inbox if you’re subscribed hahaha)

Funny thing is, I hardly shop in Zara unless I’m abroad on holiday. Strange I know. The shops there seem to have more “taste” to me, even though most of the stuff is similar. Or maybe it’s because the clothes don’t look like a garage sale in piles everywhere lol. For whatever reason I’m yet to put my finger on, my hand luggage always has a Zara tag sticking out…hehe. I still have a pair of nice jeans I bought ages ago in Spain from the store there and it still “fits the peaches perfectly” lol. I never saw that in London, or maybe I never bothered because most times walk out empty-handed -nothing of interest (outgrown maybe?? Hmmm, might be time to move to HOBBS….*shriek*)

Anyways, on my way to work…in Uk, I saw the big black letters this time… And was tempted to go in. To be honest, I didn’t have much choice since we are kinda not allowed to roam the continent lol. We have to make do with what we have, right? So I went in, walked around… back and forth… saw the clothes hill… walked around a bit more and settled for perfume… Hahaha…

Seems it’s time for a holiday… What say ye? Zara Espanol see you soon.. xoxo

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