Noisy Neighbours…

Sigh… There she goes again *rolls eyes*… She just keeps chatting away and the sun’s barely up!! It doesn’t help that the walls are wafer-thin… She just doesn’t shut up! Lol. Never heard someone talk straight for over 3 hours… I wonder if the person she’s talking to ever gets a word in… Or maybe they just put her on speaker and go back to bed hahaha…

Some days I wish I lived on a farm in the middle of the green countryside, by a beautiful river, and the only form of ‘noise’ would be the raindrops on my window or the kettle going off. If only right? If wishes were horses… Men would be princes and I a lady of the manor lol. I have that kind of thought when I stay in a busy neighbourhood or most recently with my ‘loud’ neighbours (ranges from next room, next floor, next house, even a couple of streets away lol) Don’t know which is worse- nosey or noisy haha… I digress

As I was saying, there was once this person next door in a past rental who seemed to only make phone calls roughly between the hours of 4 am and 6 am and when I say make, I mean screaming all sorts of profanities…*shakes my head*. I wonder… (It seems they’re following me everywhere don’t you think? hehe) Even thinking about it makes me twitch lol… How about the flatmate whose idea of making breakfast was slamming the cupboards and playing touch with the microwave? *side eye*. I guess by now you know I’m a light sleeper and love my beauty sleep haha. I mean, who doesn’t?

That’s why I get the best naps when on holiday and come back a whole lot better (mentally and physically). If the hotels have proper soundproofing that is. The last place I stayed was right next to the train station and a few miles to the airport (yep, convenience is key- not taking chances, don’t want to miss that flight!) and believe me, I couldn’t tell. It was perfect. The only time I remembered how close we were to so much noise was when I looked out the window! But… we do get the odd sounds from the corridors. Late-night revellers, kids running around or just the hotel staff being petty *side eye*. I’m pretty sure they can tiptoe as they clear the trays outside our doors right?

…To be honest, I’d rather have my nice ‘cottage’ in the peaceful fields of the countryside by a beautiful lake… 

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