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I have to go pick up some cleaning supplies sometime this week at the new local supermarket, and a funny memory popped up… Well, not so new store… They shut down for almost a year *rolls eyes* due to renovations… Passed there earlier today and the only difference to me is we now have to pay for parking! And yes… A bike shed too lol… I digress… Back to my story…

There was a time I wore my pyjamas to go shopping! Crazy, I know… With fluffy slippers and I think a hair bonnet too *covers face*. Guess I ‘got away’ with it back then because I drove to the shops. I’m pretty sure if I had to walk, I would turn up looking like a cover girl straight from the runway. Thank God not long after there was a ban on such outfits to the shops. It was pretty common during school runs to see mums in all sorts of ‘clothes’. They couldn’t be bothered really, as long as the kids got in on time… that was all that mattered... Pretty much my thing haha…

A few times straight out of bed I’d remember I didn’t have any milk or something I considered ‘urgent’ and would grab my car keys and be out the door. Yes, that’ll be perfect if I went to bed the night before looking like a Gucci model lol.

Friends and family were on my neck to stop this ‘bad habit’, but I wasn’t having any of it. Until one day, I saw the light… One thing to note, these trips were fast and I mean in and out in minutes. No long queue, just pick your item, scan, and bobs your uncle… It worked perfectly as no one would notice my outfits right? But not quite so on this particular day… I had assumed it’ll be the same as before… Fast and stress-free… How wrong was I… There was a mad queue, the self-checkout wasn’t working, and there was me standing there with no bra, food-stained top, holding a loaf of bread and milk…

Let’s just say from that day onward, I never left home not looking like something out of a fashion catalogue haha...


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