Meeting O’Clock

Yes, yes… Thanks to Zoom and the rest lol, we can all have “meetings” at the click of a button *side eye*

But how can we ever forget how things were back in the day… Meetings that felt like you were being summoned lol. Especially the early Monday morning ones… *rolls eyes*. Those are the worst in my opinion because you spend the whole weekend (or most of it depending on your personality haha) reading the email/text/message/memo/subliminal tones over and over again… You know, picturing all kinds of possible (worst case) scenarios. And guess what? None of them happen haha…

So ‘Monday’ morning finally arrives… you’re one of the first ones in… partially because you couldn’t keep any breakfast down… Scratch that, lol… Food was the last thing on your mind when you got on the morning commute lol. Secondly, you want to get all the info from whoever has it before the “boss” walks in. Next, you look around to pick the “best” seat in the meeting room… Away from the camera, but close enough to see Michael’s screen… Susan arrives, then Peter…

Meeting over and the only thing on your mind is “I missed the last game of the season worrying about nothing!”  It was just an introduction to the new app for ordering lunch at the canteen! Or something as ridiculous *shakes head*  Arghhh…

Thursday lunchtime, I get an email. Hmnn… Well, this time I definitely won’t lose any sleep worrying about what could or couldn’t be… I’ll see you all Monday morning after thoroughly enjoying myself and having the time of my life…


Que Sera Sera 

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