Crazy Rich…

The weather is getting a bit erm… ‘Cozy’ on my side of the planet lol. Looks like autumn is all dressed up and ready to go! I have mentioned several times how much I love Autumn… The brown leaves… The scarves blah de blah *rolls eyes* (don’t want to bore you). But I can’t get away from the feeling of “falling in love” just before Christmas *straight face*. Yes, yes… Blame all the 90’s romantic movies I indulge in… I’m just a hopeful romantic *throws glitter to the subtle sound of Michael Buble saying something about not meeting me yet?* 

So while we are on this topic of ‘love’, here’s a flashback for you Crazy Rich Asians – The MOVIE!  Hahaha… I missed the merry celebrations when the rest of the world watched it in cinemas lol… I just never got round to it… or maybe I didn’t think I’d enjoy it this much! Little did I know I was in for a shocker!

So you can imagine my joy when it was listed as a “new” release on one of my flights…(quite apt, cos it sure was new to me!) So while the plane taxied (is there a word like that? Lol) the movie began to play… Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect… but as the film went on, I went off crying like a newborn I tell you hahaha…

It hit me so hard, the tissues couldn’t keep up! Luckily for me, it was a night flight *wipes sweat from brows* so pretty much lights out with most people knocked out after the meal… On my row, we had me on the window seat and ‘no smiling’ grandma on the aisle seat -an empty seat in between us- (she kept frowning at E V E R Y O N E on the flight… wonder why *side eye*)

This movie is a rom-com on a different level, funny but not cheeky… if that makes any sense haha… Looking back now, for sure I’d go see it again at the cinema if it was still on lol. (Side note- I’m a ‘superhero’ kind of girl first. You know, Captain America, Avengers blah blah. You get the picture? Then ‘pretty woman’ movies next)

Back to the movie lol… everyone needs a best friend like Peik Lin  (university– a place true friends are made and where life meets reality lol)… and oh… Nick… Isn’t he the ‘perfect boyfriend’… Dreamy… charming… sweet…? I could go on and on about this movie, but I’m pretty sure there are a few like me who are late to the fantastic party that’s ‘CRAZY RICH ASIANS’ lol… so go order it, it’s worth the hype…

Good thing I stuffed my laptop above lol… Probably would have flooded my keyboard with tears. So maybe yeah it was a good idea leaving it up there lol… I just kept thinking after the movie ended… “How awesome ‘movie’ romance can be..”

Well, cheers to the real-life Nicks’ out there… Singapore see you soon…*throws confetti*


Looking out the window, I smiled as the clouds enveloped us…zzzz