Excess luggage…

My favourite part of travel haha.

Now things are beginning to settle and the world is opening up, one would think I’ll be in a hurry to book a vacation somewhere hot… You know, browse through different sites looking for the best bargain… dreaming of switching on the ‘out of office’ automatic reply hahaha. I get so excited composing the message… The thrill of everyone receiving it while I’m miles away basking in the heat… Good times… Ok, let’s get back to the story… *rolls eyes*

During my early travels, I got so worked up about not taking ‘too much stuff’… It can be so awkward when you have to open up your luggage at the airport and it looks like a cross between a recycling depot and a farmhouse hehe. I have all kinds of scales and weighing devices at home just to beat the maximum ‘kg’ put in place by the various airlines *side eye*. Some of these airlines are vicious I tell you… You’d think you had the whole of Alaska in your bag with the way they go on and on… With their measuring size bucket or whatever it’s called lol… ‘Easy j’s I see you hahaha. 

To avoid any kind of embarrassment lol, I read all sorts of articles online and watch videos on how to pack more and weigh less lol. Some ideas I tried worked, others errr…not quite. From laying your clothes flat to rolling them up like sausages, I tried it all. To be fair, some airlines have a very generous allowance for international travel and I mean GENEROUS lol. Even with that, sometimes found myself trying to “smuggle” more stuff and giving them that “oh really? Overweight? That’s strange. Are you sure?” Look -haha. Didn’t get me far though, still had to repack and throw stuff out.

I remember once when I had to throw clothes away *faints*. It still hurts… They weren’t having it… Nope, nada zilch! The worst part was I thought of leaving those items at home when I packed earlier but felt I could get away with it. Never tried it again… Now once I get a “feeling” to leave something or someone behind, I flip it with so much speed lol. 

Truth be told– I packed way more than I needed on most of the trips. I could have managed with hand luggage, but somehow I imagine all kinds of scenarios and stuff finds its way in!

All that’s a distant memory… These days, I just jump on the train and keep it local till I can show up at the airport with no long ‘to do list’ and checking how many people I have come in contact with while charging me an arm, leg and torso for tests… Unless I get a call from the producers of Death in Paradise, then it’s Asta la vista Baby! Lol


Now, where did I put my ‘bum bag’ and sunglasses

Noisy Neighbours…

Sigh… There she goes again *rolls eyes*… She just keeps chatting away and the sun’s barely up!! It doesn’t help that the walls are wafer-thin… She just doesn’t shut up! Lol. Never heard someone talk straight for over 3 hours… I wonder if the person she’s talking to ever gets a word in… Or maybe they just put her on speaker and go back to bed hahaha…

Some days I wish I lived on a farm in the middle of the green countryside, by a beautiful river, and the only form of ‘noise’ would be the raindrops on my window or the kettle going off. If only right? If wishes were horses… Men would be princes and I a lady of the manor lol. I have that kind of thought when I stay in a busy neighbourhood or most recently with my ‘loud’ neighbours (ranges from next room, next floor, next house, even a couple of streets away lol) Don’t know which is worse- nosey or noisy haha… I digress

As I was saying, there was once this person next door in a past rental who seemed to only make phone calls roughly between the hours of 4 am and 6 am and when I say make, I mean screaming all sorts of profanities…*shakes my head*. I wonder… (It seems they’re following me everywhere don’t you think? hehe) Even thinking about it makes me twitch lol… How about the flatmate whose idea of making breakfast was slamming the cupboards and playing touch with the microwave? *side eye*. I guess by now you know I’m a light sleeper and love my beauty sleep haha. I mean, who doesn’t?

That’s why I get the best naps when on holiday and come back a whole lot better (mentally and physically). If the hotels have proper soundproofing that is. The last place I stayed was right next to the train station and a few miles to the airport (yep, convenience is key- not taking chances, don’t want to miss that flight!) and believe me, I couldn’t tell. It was perfect. The only time I remembered how close we were to so much noise was when I looked out the window! But… we do get the odd sounds from the corridors. Late-night revellers, kids running around or just the hotel staff being petty *side eye*. I’m pretty sure they can tiptoe as they clear the trays outside our doors right?

…To be honest, I’d rather have my nice ‘cottage’ in the peaceful fields of the countryside by a beautiful lake… 

Mr Chocolate…

It’s a rainy day today and I had a flashback to one of my ‘love’ stories (blame it on the weather haha…) So here goes, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reliving it!

There are times I’d plan to just ‘pop’ in on social media but then end up spending a lot of time scrolling through Instagram stories of “friends”, celebrities, random strangers… and catching up on all the trending news… It was on one of those days it happened. My phone dropped! I was laying in bed with my phone in one hand and then BANG, DROP, CRACK lol… Felt like I dropped with it haha

You know how it is, right? You’ve dropped it so many times in the past and nothing happens… With each fall, you hold your breath hoping “it’s nothing to worry about”. (Especially if it’s one of those 4 digit costing ones *side eye*)Yep, for a while, that was the case… At least till that day! Guess like many things in life, I took it for granted for so long… I believed my phone was somewhat indestructible smh… Well, jokes on me now *rolls eyes*

So early the next morning, (thankfully it was a Saturday) I was out of the house to go get it fixed. I had no idea where exactly the repair store was.  All I knew was it wasn’t too far from home but dodgy enough for me to hide my wallet, anything worth anything lol…

En route, I stopped to ask for directions and decided to get some money from the cashpoint. I didn’t want to use my card in case I got a notification weeks later that someone on some remote island tried buying a 76″ tv with it haha. And there he was, Mr chocolate walking by… Like a knight in shining armour to the rescue! Pretty much accosted me. He said I had a frown on my face and as a good citizen, he stopped to offer some assistance. Yeah right! I didn’t believe it then and still don’t believe it now lol. We got talking and he kindly followed me to the dodgy phone shop. Yeah, he was nice which stood out, funny and quite attractive too hehe. Extra brownie points! We walked and talked… I felt something…

Weeks later, my phone now fixed and back to my online updates, I noticed Mr Chocolate had evolved into a prima donna… Nope, I wasn’t having it… Seemed he wanted a fan club and I sure wasn’t about that life! 

I guess I’m better off with some real food than chocolate. At least they stay humble no matter the appeal…lol


Cheers to my ever faithful buffet holiday spread!! Forever looking hot and tasty haha


So… Boris finally let the “cat out of the bag”…or shall we say, the government finally “let us get back to mingling and tingling”? Haha…Yep, they opened the “flood gates” of “freedom” today taking off restrictions… Well, most *side-eye”. I for one am looking forward to my Saturday Cinema treats… Weird I know, another post another day lol. 

But before we lose our minds on all the things we planned to catch up on, let’s take a moment to think of lunchtime at work!!! Yep, when we all get back to being in one space (strange feeling haha). Grab your hot chocolate, cat, mimosa, as I recreate a canteen moment long forgotten lol.

Lunchtime at work and everyone’s taking out their ‘cuisines from around the world’… I remove my meal from the microwave silently praying it doesn’t stink up the office…*rolls eyes*. It’s funny in hindsight, but never funny when you’re in the middle of a packed canteen… Was I ‘ashamed’ of the food or the smell? Or maybe it was all in my head… Sure my food might smell different from everyone else’s, but doesn’t mean it tastes awful… (depends on how long I left it out of the fridge lol).

Normally, I don’t have the time for questions like ‘what’s that? It looks like spinach, can I taste it, is it spicy, how spicy is it, did you cook it?’ Nope, not having it! Just eat your food, and I’ll eat mine so we can get back to work or whatever we pretended to be doing before lunchtime…lol

With time I realized it’s an opportunity to share the many wonderful tastes and our cultures. A lot of people are curious… I mean I’m curious to have tried octopus, frog legs and other different dishes from other countries… So spark peoples interest with something as special as food It’s one thing that connects people the world over

I remember how some of my colleagues were always happy when talking about their local dishes. How their parents prepared the dishes growing up, the farm life and how they grew their fruits and vegetables. A couple of them still had farms… Awesome… How cool is that! I understood their joy… Talking about food they loved from memory… If only they knew it’s going to be cow’s foot for dinner at my place when next it’s safe to come around *insert evil grin*

What if all our work lunches looked as fabulous as this (and smelt like roses… lol)


Do you have certain meals you’d probably think twice before eating at the office …? I do… lol

Exit stage one…

Remember long ago before Whatsapp did the ‘right thing’ by allowing us to have the power to reject or simply ignore group invites…? Yes, waking up to 398 groups pretty much not necessary… For example…. ‘Shannon added you to ‘what should I wear on my first date though I don’t have one yet but like to prepare ahead of time’ …. *confused face*. So in order not to offend anyone (at a point I didn’t care anymore cause the conversations were either rude, none edifying or just past its ‘shelf life’ lol), I’d be that silent observer popping in once in a while with the random “lol” or congratulations…

God forbid you dared to leave a group considered ‘serious or important! Your DM would be flooded more than the titanic with all sorts of questions trying to guilt-trip you or make you question if you did the right thing by leaving! At first, I put on a nice story about not having enough time to engage or family stuff… Some believed and threw in a few “awwws and ahhh” with a sprinkle of advice on how to handle life…. *rolls eyes*. Hold on Mark, I’m doing good… I just can’t stand how you gossip about people in the group chat… Rip them to pieces and then post on the main group chat how adorable they are… Pure evil if you ask me… The little cabals that form from main groups are the worst… You never know what’s going on behind those keypads… Or who’s hooking up with who…

Then seasons changed…. Or more like WhatsApp got the memo. Now, strangers can’t add you… Strangers to me are folks I don’t have saved on my phone. Yep, I Dont Know You… Lol. And the best part? You have to agree to be a part of any group… Music to my ears. Cuts down the list to about 2 now lol. And it’s pretty much family left

Well, I said all that to say… I recently exited one of those first generational group chats. Funny enough, in the beginning, I offered to join but with time it just lost its spark… People kept dropping off like flies… The group was meant to empower but I don’t think we quite hit the spot. I did my best to keep it going… (Like those dead-end relationships we refuse to accept is going nowhere….hmmm) but it just didn’t happen. So I did it… I left the group… Yep, them folks would wake up to an “xx left the group”. I had to do it late at night to avoid any backlash if you know what I mean lol. And guess what? I slept like a baby… I honestly can’t explain it… It felt like a heavy load was lifted off me. A load I didn’t know I was carrying strangely enough. Guess that’s a good sign that I did the right thing? And no one sent me a msg asking why… Lol. Unless they wanted me out of the group in the first place. We will never know, will we…? Some things are better left alone… Cheers to peace in life…

As I was able to get some good sleep… I was able to try out some recipe… Random pasta sauce. Here’s a pic of halfway before and after… Bon appetite everyone and a smashing weekend ahead (or the next day depending on where on the planet you are!)