Excess luggage…

My favourite part of travel haha.

Now things are beginning to settle and the world is opening up, one would think I’ll be in a hurry to book a vacation somewhere hot… You know, browse through different sites looking for the best bargain… dreaming of switching on the ‘out of office’ automatic reply hahaha. I get so excited composing the message… The thrill of everyone receiving it while I’m miles away basking in the heat… Good times… Ok, let’s get back to the story… *rolls eyes*

During my early travels, I got so worked up about not taking ‘too much stuff’… It can be so awkward when you have to open up your luggage at the airport and it looks like a cross between a recycling depot and a farmhouse hehe. I have all kinds of scales and weighing devices at home just to beat the maximum ‘kg’ put in place by the various airlines *side eye*. Some of these airlines are vicious I tell you… You’d think you had the whole of Alaska in your bag with the way they go on and on… With their measuring size bucket or whatever it’s called lol… ‘Easy j’s I see you hahaha. 

To avoid any kind of embarrassment lol, I read all sorts of articles online and watch videos on how to pack more and weigh less lol. Some ideas I tried worked, others errr…not quite. From laying your clothes flat to rolling them up like sausages, I tried it all. To be fair, some airlines have a very generous allowance for international travel and I mean GENEROUS lol. Even with that, sometimes found myself trying to “smuggle” more stuff and giving them that “oh really? Overweight? That’s strange. Are you sure?” Look -haha. Didn’t get me far though, still had to repack and throw stuff out.

I remember once when I had to throw clothes away *faints*. It still hurts… They weren’t having it… Nope, nada zilch! The worst part was I thought of leaving those items at home when I packed earlier but felt I could get away with it. Never tried it again… Now once I get a “feeling” to leave something or someone behind, I flip it with so much speed lol. 

Truth be told– I packed way more than I needed on most of the trips. I could have managed with hand luggage, but somehow I imagine all kinds of scenarios and stuff finds its way in!

All that’s a distant memory… These days, I just jump on the train and keep it local till I can show up at the airport with no long ‘to do list’ and checking how many people I have come in contact with while charging me an arm, leg and torso for tests… Unless I get a call from the producers of Death in Paradise, then it’s Asta la vista Baby! Lol


Now, where did I put my ‘bum bag’ and sunglasses