Jingle Bells…?

Yes, yes, yes… It’s almost that time of the year when some of us lose almost all sense of logic haha. We suddenly begin to believe in wishes, Santa Claus and finding love just before Christmas like in the movies *shakes head*.

Isn’t it weird how the characters share a kiss and suddenly it starts snowing and everyone starts tearing up… And for some strange reason, the scene can’t be complete without a Starbucks pumpkin latte matte or whatever festive flavour they decide to gorge out haha… Well, I for one love autumn/winter… Something romantic about it… We’ll talk about that another time hehe…

So, the office Christmas party season is around the corner. Yes, some of you might think it’s a bit too early to start planning (or too late according to Selfridges- don’t they have Christmas decorations etc out sometime in April?? Lol). Thanks to my local Marks & Spencers, I mean their fantastic in house ‘Dj’, I couldn’t help but wish for a special someone to serenade me off my feet. I’m that lady swinging her hips, shaking her head and singing along to the music haha. I wonder what the guys watching the CCTV think each time they see me belting out the tunes, twirling on the shop floor…lol.

This particular day I went shopping as usual at M&S… It seemed like they had Michael Buble live in concert on replay. Boy was I excited and singing my heart out lol. There’s just something about him, the way he sings that reminds me of Christmas. All of a sudden I got this ‘great’ idea of having him come along to mesmerise us with a few tunes at the office party. And guess what? I mentioned it to my manager *covers face*. Don’t blame me, blame the Christmas feelings coming over me. Of course, she laughed it off… But in my heart, I believe my wish will come true…

there he goes… About to break a million hearts (pic-Evening Standard)

Just in case you happen to bump into Michael at the shops, the first-class lounge or the gas station… Please can you ask him to help a young lady out and make her dream come true like in the movies….?